The bright side of the Covid war




Covid-19 pandemic, multinational monopolies, vaccines, artificial intelligence, social and economic development


Background: The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are comparable to a medium-size war with 2 million victims and hundreds of millions of people unemployed. The shock of the pandemic has inevitably led to radical solutions, e.g., biotechnology advances occurred in 6–8 months instead of 5 years or more. During the last 20 years, in spite of spectacular innovations, developed countries did not really change how they offer services and produce goods; rather, they created extremely rich multinational monopolies.

Research purpose: The main purpose is to look at the post-Covid-19 world economy. We discuss rather positively different aspects of the post-pandemic reality, especially the accelerated technological progress and innovations pushed by the social and economic crisis, unemployment, and the huge losses of human lives during the pandemic. Pfizer and Moderna have developed a Covid-19 vaccine in months instead of years.

Methods: An academic synthesis of the multitude of reliable data sources. A multidisciplinary overview from the point of view of macroeconomics, political science, and sociology.

Conclusions: We are witnessing the birth of great innovations to treat diseases and to “grow” meat. There are driverless taxis, the best AI natural language algorithm to date, and a significant drop in the prices of renewable energy. In other words, in the dark days of Covid-19, we can see on the horizon a new era of great discoveries leading to faster economic and social development


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