Rewiew process

  1. After receiving the submissions, the editors take the preliminary decisions on the publication of the article, based on:
    –  its content,  with the focus on its congruence with the subject of the given issue and the general profile of the journal,
    –  its technical aspects, especially the preparation of the text in accordance with the guidelines  detailed on the journal’s website. If this condition is not fulfilled, the editors will ask the author to make corrections or additions.
  2. The main basis for the acceptance of the article for publication is a positive review by an independent peer reviewer(s) – specialist(s) in the field:
    – the reviewer(s) is/are appointed out of a number of scholars whose affiliations must be different from the affiliation of the author;
    – the list of the reviewers collaborating with the journal is published in every issue and provided on its website;
    – the reviews are archived by the editors and are not disclosed to anyone other than the editors and members of the editorial board.