Aims & Scope

The journal generally deals with old Polish literature and culture (from 10th until 18th centuries) and their universal European contexts, and the authors are usually young researchers of old Polish literature.

The journal’s scope of interest includes analyses of individual texts (or their related groups) (section: Profiles and Focuses), references to old Polish culture in later times (section: Contexts and References), and finally source texts edition (section: Inedita)

The journal does not publish texts reaching beyond this set of issues.

The "Melusine" journal concerns only a specific field of old Polish literature. Especially among young researchers whom the journal addresses and facing no research of the field or its limited scope in the chairs of Slavic studies within Western Europe, our journal promotes this research and encourages young researches from other EU countries to take part. That is why our Editorial Board features outstanding representatives of Slavic studies in Western Europe and related fields.