About the Journal

Przegląd Socjologiczny ("Sociological Review") is the oldest journal on sociology in Poland. It was founded in 1930 by Florian Znaniecki, the eminent  Polish and world sociologist. Particular volumes of "Sociological Review" are  essentially devoted to selected sociological problems.  It is published quarterly with one issue published in English with contributions from foreign authors. Only  original texts are published, all articles are evaluated by external reviewers.

"We wish (...) to manifest that the journal  does not express the views of any "trend" or "school" but represents Polish sociological movement in general." / Florian Znaniecki  in reference to the preparation of Volume 1 of "Sociological Review," October, 1929/

The journal is indexed in: Index Copernicus,  PBNCEEOLEBSCOhostCEJSH, BazHum, ERIH Plus and CrossRef (DOI).

Printed copies of the journal can be ordered by email: biuro@ltn.lodz.pl.