Aim and Scope

Przeglad Socjologiczny is a quarterly journal published mainly for the Polish sociological milieu, but it follows current developments in the field of social research and sociological theory on both national and international level. It has been issued since 1930 (it is the oldest sociological journal in Poland), initially only in print and now also in an open access electronic version.

We publish articles in Polish and English, from all fields of sociology and from related disciplines, if the issue is approached from a sociological perspective. We also publish book reviews.

The Editors of the journal are interested in initiating sociological discussions, so we gladly publish various forms of essays, polemics, and debates.

Our motto is: We wish (.) to manifest that the journal does not express the views of any "trend" or "school" but represents Polish sociological movement in general. / Florian Znaniecki in a letter to Ludwik Krzywicki, in reference to the preparation of Volume 1 of "Przegląd Socjologiczny" - October, 1929/