Street Art as a New Phenomenon of Art – a Means of Gentrification of the Urban Environment

  • Mykola Dyomin Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture
  • Oleksandr Ivashko Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture
Keywords: new art, street art, content, art cluster, globalization


The article deals with the genesis of street art, its transformation from a spontaneous phenomenon of the urban environment, to a phenomenon that has been recognized by the people and professionals and attracted the attention of expert artists. Successively, street art has transformed and is transforming into a specific type of contemporary art, in which various movements of international or regional character (graffiti, muralism) can be determined. The spread of street art as a phenomenon of art was promoted by the availability of information technologies and the activity of manufacturers of aerosol paints. In the process of development of street art, thanks to the participation of professional artists, the art techniques have emerged, which have an interconnection with the classical styles of art. Expanding the scope of applica­tion of street art products becomes a significant component of the sphere of spiritual production and requires modern organizational structures and associations, such as art centres and art clusters. It will contribute to the effectiveness of their activities, the popularization of street art as a means of art education of the population, the synthesis of experience. Crystallization of creative processes and thanks to the globalization, their transformation into the directions and styles of street art occur.



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