The journal has existed since 1958. It was founded in the Łódź Scientific Society [Łódzkie Towarzystwo Naukowe] by professors and lecturers of the University of Łódź Stefania Skwarczyńska (1902-1988), Jan Trzynadlowski (1912–1995; professor at the University of Wrocław), and Witold Ostrowski (1914–2006). It comes out continuously to this day (with some disruption in the early 1980s), initially as an annual, then two issues per year were published, and since 2016 "Zagadnienia Rodzajów Literackich" (“The Problems of Literary Genres”) has been published four times a year.

Since the very beginning, the core of the editorial team has been formed by the staff of the Literature Theory Department of the Institute of Contemporary Culture (formerly the Institute of Theory of Literature, Theatre and Audiovisual Arts) of the University of Łódź. The long tradition of the journal makes its successive volumes reach a wide audience and are available in many databases and libraries.

The editor-in-chief of the journal was Stefania Skwarczyńska (1958–1988), Jan Trzynadlowski (1989–1995), and Grzegorz Gazda (1996–2010). Since 2010, the editor-in-chief has been Jarosław Płuciennik.

Irena Hübner wrote about the history and beginnings of the journal in the article: "The Problems of Literary Genres. Origins".