Peer-review process

Each submitted scientific article is subjected to the procedure of double-blind review, i.e. sent to two independent reviewers who will not know the identity of the author. The author also does not know the names of the reviewers - except for the collective list of reviewers for a given issue, published once a year in the last issue of the journal and on the website after the publication of the last issue in a given year. Reviewers are always selected from scientific units other than those indicated by the Author in the affiliation. The reviewer is obliged to inform the Editorial Board about any suspected conflict of interest.

Ghostwriting and guest authorship are manifestations of scientific dishonesty and cases detected by the editors will be exposed, including notification of the institutions concerned.

The double-blind peer review procedure is applied to all scientific dissertations (articles), while essays, reviews and entries are subject to double intra-editorial review.

Articles are subject to anti-plagiarism control before publication. The editorial office uses an anti-plagiarism system iThenticate—Similarity Check.

We are interested in unpublished, original and innovative works.


Guidelines for Reviewers (Review Form):

1) Is the main thesis of the article innovative and original?

2) In what way does the article fit the main profile of the journal?

3) Is the article able to get the interest of all-Polish readers or international readers?

4) Does the article maintain linguistic and stylistic standards?

5) Does the article need substantive and editorial changes?

6) Do you unequivocally recommend it for publication? Please, state it clearly:

a. Recommended for publication in its present form.
b. Recommended for publication after recommended changes.
c. Requires a re-review process after changes are made.
d. Not recommended for publication.

7) Please, list all limitations of the article and its strengths.

8) Please, conclude at the end with the following formula – if it is true: "The fact of a conflict of interest in the context of this review is unknown to me".